7 Places in America you have to see before you Die

 Glacier National Park  

  1. Glacier National Park, Montana

    One of the most beautiful national parks is in a state that does not get a lot of tourist compared to the others. Glacier national park is a must see. For many people they actually have never heard of it. Cracker lake is an aqua blue that you would see in the Bahamas or some other tropical place, not in the upper Midwest. Rock flour silt, and the low water temperature make this unique color. Bird women falls is a gorgeous waterfall, that is actually one of the easiest peaks to climb in the park. Two Medicine Lake and Flathead Lake (although Flathead is a tiny drive away) are both absolutely stunning and are a must see while hiking and exploring. This is a place that work and life stress will simply melt away.

    Lake Powell

  2. Lake Powell, Arizona

    This lake is a known playground for a few of the rich in famous like Dan Bilzerian, and for good reason. Its a beautiful long lake deep that has a scenic view the entire way. You can camp out and rent boats for water sports, like jet skis, or power boats. You can skip that and rent a house boat and stay on the water as well.  Rent a boat at Bull Frog Marina in UT or Wahweap Marina in AZ. Or stay in a gorgeous lake front hotel at the Lake Powell Resort. If you like boating, the outdoors, and the sun, this is a once in a life time experience. For the party seekers, consider 4th of July weekend. For the quiet get away pick a different one in late July.

    Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.jpg

  3. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve- Oahu, Hawaii

    Like anyone needs another excuse to visit Hawaii? This is a gorgeous nature preserve  that is a very popular snorkeling spot. Even if you don’t want to snorkel and sit back in a chair and soak up the view and sun. The price is not bad either. Only one Dollar to park and 7.50 to enter it makes it a more affordable option on the island as well. With Waikiki beach only 30 minutes away, and Pearl harbor not far as well. You can have several days of life lasting memories here.

    monmouth cave

  4. Monmouth Cave, Kentucky

    With over 400 miles of caves it is considered the longest cave in the world.  The Frozen Niagara section looks like a frozen waterfall, and there are dozens of other awesome shapes and sizes of formations. The Snowball room, the drapery room and fat man’s misery are just a few of the must see’s.You can also go horseback riding, go on a whiskey distillery tour, or go hiking in nature. It is one of the United States natural wonders of the world and a must on your bucket list.

    Jefferson Memorial in Spring

    5. Washington D.C. (During Cherry Season)

    Washington D.C. Should be on your list because of the rich history and the hundreds of options of things to do and places to see.  The Monuments, The white house, the Capital, and Arlington national cemetery are all close and full of rich history. The tomb of the unknown soldier is a must see as well. Take a day and see George Washington’s house in Mount Vernon. There are several museums to visit but if you had to only pick one,  I would recommend the Holocaust museum. To make the trip even more enjoyable you must go when the Cherry Blossom’s are in bloom.

    UP Michigan

    6.Upper Peninsula , Michigan

    There is so much to do here and the views are all breath taking. Take in the waterfalls and glacial lakes, Kayak or go fishing. You can find shipwrecks, lighthouses and fantastic golf courses. Camp out and check out the northern lights. Winter is a popular for snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skiing. Its hard to put the views into words.  I recommend seeing Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park Michigan’s largest state park. With over  90 miles of trails leading to rustic waterfalls, its a must. Rocks National Lake shore is so scenic that the pictures online cant do it justice. It looks like you a photo shopped scene when you are there in person.History buffs can go see EDMUND FITZGERALD SHIPS BELL at the Shipwreck museum.

    Bourbon street

    7. New Orleans, Louisiana

    The city is full of french culture, unique cuisine and a party scene that is known globally.  Come visit for Mardi Gra, or come see the architecture and enjoy the fine dining. The French Quarters, Bourbon street, The Garden District. Make sure you also make time for the St. Louis Cathedral (French Quarter) and the Cabildo. If you have some time you can do a swamp tour. Be careful this is a place you will fall in love with and may not go home.

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